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Car Travel Sickness In Dogs

September 16, 2014 / 5 comments, on Dog health

Travelling with your dog can be a great experience, especially if they are well behaved in the car and do not not easily get car sick.  However, there are some dog owners who face the recurring problems of car travel sickness in dogs. Here are some helpful tips and advice you could follow to avoid car travel sickness in your dogs:

  • Young dogs or puppies are most prone to car travel sickness. This is because they still have under developed ear structures that are mainly use for stability and balance.  Since most puppies are prone to motion sickness it would be best to train your puppy for short 5-10 minute car rides and gradually increase the time as your puppies get older.  Normally dogs would outgrow this car travel sickness with constant training.
  • When you travel in a car with your dog, one of the best ways to avoid motion sickness in dogs is to secure them in a harness or a dog cage in your vehicle.  Dog car cages and dog seat belt harnesses minimise the normal driving motion that results in nauseated dogs.  Keeping them secured makes them feel comfortable and at ease all throughout the car ride.
  • Early and constant training of car travelling with your dog is one of the best ways to overcome your dog’s car motion sickness.  In training your dogs for car travel it would be best to secure him in a harness or cage facing forward to avoid any visual cues that could contribute to his dizziness.  Making daily short training sessions rather than one long training session is best to help familiarise your pet in the car.
  • One of the leading causes of travel sickness in dogs is anxiety.  When travelling in a car with your dog it would really help a lot not to feed or give them a drink of water an hour before your journey.  Make your dog familiarise and comfortable in the car as much as possible to prevent anxiety and eliminate car travel sickness.
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