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Most loving dog owners would never dream of locking their beloved friend in a cage or crate. Humans don’t like being locked in one place and neither do dogs or most other animals for that matter. However, there are times in which dog cages and crates can come in handy. You don’t have to keep you dog in his or her crate or cage for long periods of time. It is perfectly humane and acceptable to use a dog crate or cage when it is required. The trick is simply knowing when and when not to use one as well as what kind of dog crate you should get.

There are a large variety of dog cages and crates available for purchase. You don’t have to get a standard boring jail-like plastic crate for your pet. In fact, it is advisable that you stay as far away from the airplane animal crate design as possible. Instead, look for a crate or cage that has a nice look to where it almost looks like a piece of furniture rather than a cage. Your dog may not know the difference but it will help you sleep a lot better at night. To make the crate a nicer home for your dog, put down a cushion so he or she will have a softer resting area and make sure he or she has enough room to stand, lay down, and turn around in.

You can use your choice of dog cages and crates as an in home dog house for your pet. Make it roomy and comfortable and your dog will more than likely go to it all by his or herself. Leave the door open so your dog still has all the freedom he or she wants. In this aspect, the crate or cage is perfect for having guests over. If your dog is a little extra rambunctious around people, you can have him or her go to the dog crate and simply close the door. You dog won’t take this to be a punishment or a bad sign since the crate is like a home or den for him or her anyway. Skittish dogs will often go straight to the cage as their safe area from strangers.

Dog cages and crates are great for training dogs. For example, if you have a puppy that you are trying to potty train then using a crate to contain your puppy is a great way to prevent accidents inside the house while he or she is still learning to wait to go out. Also, most crates provide a great deal of room for puppies. Dog cages and crates are also a great way to transport and travel safely with your dog. Most forms of transportation will require your dog to be placed in a crate or cage anyway so why not get your dog his or her own crate?

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