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Winter is here – check out our great range of dog coats

November 2, 2014 / 5 comments, on Products

More people than ever are buying boutique style stuff for their pampered pets. Do you ever look at an apparently pampered pooch and wonder why that dog probably lives a more charmed life than you do? Do you think dog coats and other such accessories are silly?

Ezydog Coats are a popular choice for dog coats and are sold in our online store. Are you wondering if your dog needs a coat? Some people do pamper their dogs with plenty of spoiling, designer dog supplies, and accessories but some dogs do benefit from wearing dog coats.

There are hairless dogs that get cold easily. There are also times when covering your dog with a coat will help you avoid that seemingly unavoidable smell of wet dog. Some dog supplies stores will sell dog coats that are weatherproof, helping when you have to walk your dog in the rain as well as boots to help you when you have to walk your four-legged companion in the mud. Wellingtons for Mum or Dad, and doggy “wellies” for Rover!

Dog jackets might also be suitable for working dogs. Jackets or vests identifying that a dog is on the job can help people understand why a dog might be in a place that normally prohibits dogs but that makes exceptions for seeing-eye or other assistive dogs.

Whether you want to buy Ezydog dog coats because your dog needs help with warmth, because of a specific reason, or for no reason at all other than the fact that you think it’d be cute to have dog coats for your pooch, we offer a great product range that could help you outfit your dog regardless of his or her size. There are leather dog coats, fleece doggie jackets, and an array of fabrics, patterns, and colours to choose from.



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